IV Treatments

Re Pair → Reboot Hydration

Our basic Hydration drip full of essential minerals that will rehydrate and revitalize you.

Re Immune → Reboot Immunity

The Reboot Immunity drip combines the Hydration Drip with an extra dose of Vitamin C and electrolytes that contribute to the reinforcement of the immune system. Ideal for those that want to prevent vulnerability to cold or flu.

Reboot Detox

Reboot Detox drip contains a mix of powerful antioxidants to help your body detox and feel like new again. This popular vitamin drip contains the "mother of antioxidants" – Glutathione, as well as Vitamins B complex and Vitamin C. Ideal for antiaging purposes and detoxification of your body.

Reboot Antiaging

Reboot antiaging drip is a powerful combination of B-complex Vitamins, Glutathione and Amino Acids with anti-ageing effects. Ideal for anyone that wants to fight fatigue & stress effects on body.

Reboot After party Drip

A special combination drip that consists of Vitamins B Complex, Vitamin C, Glutathione, Magnesium and anti inflammatory ingredients. Ideal for curing headache & hangover symptoms and restoring your energy in order to continue your day.

Power Boost

Our best-seller drip providing high energy levels with high doses of Vitamin C, Vitamins B-Complex, Magnesium. Ideal for fighting fatigue and restoring normal energy levels.

Reboot Shine Drip

A special drip designed to boost your skin health and provide bright & shining skin. In includes Vitamin C, Glutathione, Hydration.


NAD+ Drip is a very popular treatment, ideal for anyone struggling with brain fog, poor concentration, mood disorders, low energy levels, stress. It can also be used to boost metabolism, improve brain function, restore muscles, decrease blood sugar levels, detox the whole body. NAD+ drips are administered using specific and strict protocols in order to achieve optimum performance and ensure the highest safety and comfort levels.

Jet Lag therapy

Quickly recover from jet lag effects with a multi-vitamin cocktail. Ideal to be administered after a long flight, in order to restore energy, alertness and fight sleepiness.

Athletic Boost Drip

A special IV drip therapy designed to help recover from workouts, protect against cramps and muscle pain, boost metabolism, reinforce athletic performance in a natural way.

Myers Cocktail Drip

A drip specially designed to improve immune system, help fight seasonal allergies, increaseenergy levels, chronic pain and its symptoms, asthma, chronic fatigue. Works as natural antihistamine.

Tailor-made Drip

Customize your IV drip with our IV Drip extras. Combine vitamins and nutrients customizing drips according to your needs, always ensuring your safety by accredited doctors and staff.

Get a Drip Therapy

by our licensed doctors at the comfort of your hotel room, your villa, yacht or in our premises.